With a growing reliance on communications and interoperability between armies, forces, units and divisions, as well as operational requirements that involve the sharing of information between a wide range of technologies, the modern battlefield requires more integrated tactical communications solutions than ever before.
Based on in-depth expertise in both defense and communications, we have created a range of tactical communications solutions that provide land, sea, air and special forces, as well as law enforcement agencies, with the ability to seamlessly communicate and distribute information, data and commands in real time, across different forces and communications platforms. This unique interoperability enables different forces to operate together quickly, dynamically and without communication limitations, providing a significant tactical advantage and improving mission performance and results.

Unique Solutions from the Battlefield

At MER we bring actual tactical experience to the development of our products and solutions. That is how we have managed to secure our position as top providers in the area of tactical defense communications solutions.


The exclusive supplier of internal communications solutions and radio interfaces for the Merkava tank, we provide top-of-the-line internal and external intercom systems for tactical and armored vehicles. These systems are fully compliant with environmental requirements and include active noise reduction capabilities that reduce the surrounding noise.


With vast experience serving the naval environment, we have developed a digital, IP centric communications suite that leverages cutting-edge technology, to provide crew members with on-demand access to a broad range of internal and external audio and data communications sources. Our advanced maritime crew tracking and monitoring solution, provides emergency response and real-time situation awareness of all personnel throughout the vessel.


Our mission airborne communications solutions provide cockpit and crew with secure communications, across multiple radio channels, and enable ground and maritime communications relay, as well as full interoperability between all communications platforms.


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Intercom communications system enabling
modern operational capabilities for the Merkava tank
Mission plane communications suite
for an Asian Airforce
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