Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructures are threatened daily by natural disasters, accidents, mechanical failures, criminal or terrorist activities, and more. Our 360° security solution is intelligence-driven, with a clear focus on early detection and prevention, and is based on precise planning and implementation of layered security systems that allow for centralized control of national facilities.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts bring rich, varied experience and a proven
track record in securing a diverse range of assets from a single facility to complex
nation-wide infrastructures, supporting governments and organizations as they
protect their most critical infrastructures and secure essential services.
The critical nature of infrastructures such as electricity, water, and gas positions
them as both crucial for daily life and as highly targeted facilities. Threats are
numerous: attacks against pipelines and facilities, environmental disasters, risk to
neighboring population and assets, loss of capital and productivity, theft of material
(gas, water, etc.), damage and theft to expensive equipment as well as accidents.
To cope with the above threats, MER offers a total security and surveillance solution
and implements an end-to-end turnkey program including:

  • Research — Detailed site surveys and interviews with key personnel in order
    to make sure our design will match the specific needs and threats.
  • System design
  • Multi sites multiple layers of control management up to C5I level
  • Complementary detection technologies
  • Video surveillance based on stationary cameras as well as airborne (UAV)
  • Latest technology access control and alarm systems
  • Redundant communication and power infrastructure
  • Integration of existing technological systems
  • Implementation — installation, integration, and operation
  • Training


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Integrated security system for
gas facilities in Israel
Integrated security system for
a water supply network in Israel
Broadband Project for Amazon - Twelve 120m telecom towersBroadband Project for Amazon - Twelve 120m telecom towers
Broadband Project for Amazon -
Twelve 120m telecom towers
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