Aviation, Maritime & Public Transportation

The complex nature of airports, seaports and public transportation introduces countless security threats, ranging from vandalism and theft, through passenger safety and mass acts of terror. Securing such highly populated, dynamic infrastructures is a delicate balancing act between security and operational requirements, one which requires a strategic approach and comprehensive solution.

Expert Holistic Approach

Bringing vast knowledge and expertise in the security domain, as well as decades of experience with a wide range of technologies and communications infrastructures, our security solutions cover all aspects and correlations between protocols, technologies and human resources. From operational methods, including SOPs, regulations and procedures; through the technological aspect, including planning, installation and integration of state-of-the-art technologies that make up the sensor layer, communications layer, applications and control; to the human aspect, including the development of passenger risk assessment and profiling protocols, and training of the security staff – our holistic solutions support a well-planned and thoroughly executed security strategy. Complying with national and international regulations, our solutions have been implemented in airports, seaports and transportation lines across the world, securing perimeters and passengers in face of constant threat, and enabling continuous operation of these critical national infrastructures in routine and emergency situations.


Safe & Smart City


Homeland Security

Cyber &



Integrated security system for trains,
railway tunnels and bridges for the Israel Railway
Integrated security solution for
the Ashdod Port in Israel
Low voltage systems, LPR
, surveillance and communications solutions for Israel's
main International Airport
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