Fulfilling a Pope’s Wish

Delivering an innovative, end-to-end command & control system to secure Jerusalem's Old City.

In 1999, Pope John Paul II wished to make an historic first visit to one of the most politically tense locations in the world – the Old City of Jerusalem.

Risk assessments carried out at the time indicated that from a security perspective the Old City (a one-square kilometer area with holy sites of three religions) was not prepared to handle a visit of this magnitude.

The wish of Pope John Paul II was fulfilled. Photo credit: Gov.pl

A tender was conducted to select a service provider who could address the security concerns, and MER Group was chosen.

We delivered.

MER conceived and implemented Mabat 2000, an integrated command & control system that utilizes innovative security and communications technologies, tailored to the unique needs of the Old City.

Since then, for over 23 years, Mabat 2000 has been operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with MER regularly providing maintenance services and technological upgrades to meet the evolving security and safety needs.

This world-leading cutting-edge command & control system has helped local security authorities maintain order in mass events in the Old City and has contributed to a major decline in criminal activities.

And the Pope?

His wish was fulfilled in March 2000. As he visited the Western Wall and placed a note between the Wall’s rocks, no security incidents occurred.