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The complex nature of seaports introduces countless security threats, ranging from physical intrusions, through operational disturbances, to illicit traffic of goods and robberies. In order to truly control the rapid movement of vessels and cargo and manage unforeseen events, a strategic approach and comprehensive solution are required.

Bringing vast knowledge and expertise in the security domain, as well as decades of experience with a wide range of technologies and communications infrastructures, our seaport security solutions cover all aspects and correlations between protocols, technologies and human resources.

From defining threats and vulnerabilities, as well as maritime and terrestrial scenario-specific CONOPS, to assessing available resources, characterizing C&C Centers and security personnel positions, implementing all physical security means and all related technologies, and establishing and training first responder and rescue force operations – our holistic solutions support a well-planned and thoroughly executed security strategy.


Integrated security
and surveillance systems for
the 5 th Summit of the Americas
(Trinidad &Tobago)
Integrated security and
surveillance systems for
the 14 th Sommet de la Franophonie
including TVRA and CONOP
Command & Control and
an integrated
security system for
for the Athens Olympics