Cybersecurity: Municipalities

Supporting cities in the increasingly complicated task of detecting, understanding and resolving cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks on cities could generate significant damage, including the shutdown or compromising of vital services such as electricity or water, or misuse of citizens’ sensitive personal information or video footage of their activities.

Cybercriminals committing ransomware attacks may lock city staff from municipal computers and networks, bringing operations to a halt until large payments are made.

In the past few years, the number of digital attacks against cities is constantly increasing.

One major reason cities have become targets for cybercriminals is because they are lagging far behind the digital revolution. Many of the underlying technologies running most cities critical infrastructure is outdated, and city authorities often lack the skills to upgrade their systems.


Resolving Malicious Cyber Threats

MER Group, which has expertise in cybersecurity for critical infrastructure such as airports, has gained experience in design and implementation of advanced cybersecurity solutions for cities, as part of our Safe & Smart City solutions.

We have the know how to strengthen a municipality’s abilities to detect, understand and resolve incidental or malicious cyber threats.

MER Group’s highly skilled engineers and security experts select and smoothly integrate for a municipality new technologies and systems to identify suspicious activities and fend off sophisticated attacks.

MER Group also offers cybersecurity training for municipal stakeholders, designed to meet specific needs of each city and delivered by cyber experts. This training assures correct judgments and tactical responses when it counts most as well as handling of information in an encrypted, secure manner.