Cybersecurity: Airports

MER's advanced solutions to reduce cyber threats and detect cyberattacks in real time.

Airports are a nationally critical infrastructure and have access to personal information and payment details of passengers and cargo flights. As a result, they are a perfect target for cyber terrorists and criminals. In today’s world, cyber security is one of the most important elements in the security mechanisms of all airports.

MER Group specializes in creating comprehensive security and communication systems for airports, which include advanced solutions to reduce cyber threats and detect cyberattacks in real time.

Based on projects completed in Israel, Mexico and other countries worldwide, MER’s experts compiled a list of best practices that every airport should implement immediately in order to reduce the cyber threat:

  1. 100% visibility of network traffic: Monitor critical applications and servers 24/7 for immediate detection of suspicious activities.
  2. Keep systems up to date: Remove outdated applications and software to reduce vulnerabilities.
  3. Segment information and access: Limit unnecessary data flow between endpoints within the airport and make information accessible only to professionals with appropriate security classification.
  4. Cyber security training: Train all staff at the airport on handling information in an encrypted and secure manner.

MER has extensive experience in cyber security training for personnel of airports and other critical infrastructures. MER’s training courses, led by leading cyber experts, ensure proper conduct and decision-making by airport employees both in routine and during a cyberattack.