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Having begun its activities in 2014, MER Group Zambia was fully mobilized in early 2015 after winning a tender for a project to supply and install 500km of fiber optic cable. Following the successful completion of the project, MER Group was able to secure two additional communication towers and fiber optics projects.

The company is now developing MER Group’s experience and success into exciting new areas, including homeland security, cyber, intelligence, safe & smart cities and facilities, emergency response management, first-responder communication solutions and more


Offering an extensive array of products and services, including communications infrastructure, advanced cyber and intelligence technologies, and homeland security solutions, we are trusted by national security forces, police organizations, intelligence agencies, governments, municipalities, local security forces, corporations, banks and other private organizations around the world. Our internationally recognized experts are leading the way, anticipating changing market needs to ensure that we have the solution for any technological challenge our customers may encounter.

MER Zambia’s highly qualified teams deliver excellent service and quality for our local clients, with a particular focus on telecom and broadband: sites surveys, design & acquisition; civil works; passive & active site elements; site & tower audits; fiber optics and indoor & outdoor coverage. We also provide comprehensive Safe & Smart City and cyber security solutions.

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