Challenges and Solutions in Greece

Q&A with MER Group's VP of Business Development about Greece's homeland security needs.

In May, MER Group took part in DEFEA – a large international exhibition in Greece that focused on Homeland Security and Defense. In the following Q&A, Shay Haas talks about the importance of this exhibition and the most exciting moment he experienced there.

Why was it important for MER Group to take part in DEFEA?

“Greece is the southeastern gateway to the European Union and therefore has complex problems concerning the security and technological protection of compounds and borders. MER Group has extensive experience in implementing border protection projects in Israel and around the world; therefore we have very relevant expertise. This exhibition was an opportunity for us to improve our understanding of the challenges that exist in Europe and to demonstrate our capabilities in providing innovative and effective solutions to these challenges. One of our main tasks at DEFEA was to learn from Greek security authorities (Coast Guard, Police, Navy, etc.) about problems they face and the kind of support required, in order to provide tailored solutions. The exhibition was an excellent opportunity to tighten ties and initiate new collaborations and gain understanding of the requirements of the Greek authorities.”

What was the strategy of the Mer group during the exhibition?

“While DEFEA is a huge exhibition covering a wide range of Defense and Homeland Security topics, our focus was on presenting solutions in two areas: technological solutions for security and tactical communications. At the exhibition, we had a stand as part of SIBAT’s Israel pavilion, where we presented the integration of unified communications as a system application for defense. We also demonstrated TechMer’s communication products for official delegations. These presentations and demonstrations provided those who visited the Israeli pavilion with an immersive and practical experience, to allow them to learn how effective and easy to implement our solutions are. Furthermore, during the exhibition the MER Group held a cocktail party attended by leading figures from the Defense and Homeland Security industries in Greece.”

What was the most memorable moment for you at the exhibition?

“On the first day of the exhibition, it was very exciting when the Head of the Greek Armed Forces and the Head of the Greek Navy visited our stand. About 315 companies exhibited at DEFEA and they chose to spend time with us to discuss their challenges and our solutions. This showed me the importance of our activity in Greece and that we have a lot to contribute to the European countries.”


The MER Group team at DEFEA.