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Advanced approaches to securing critical facilities in the modern era

In an era when global threats are evolving and changing at a rapid pace, protecting critical compounds is becoming a major challenge facing countries and organizations around the world. Critical complexes, including critical infrastructures such as energy, water, communications, and health systems, form the beating heart of modern society. They provide basic services on which […]

Communication Infrastructures – the Backbone of Our Modern World

Mer Group provides innovative communication infrastructure solutions designed for operators, broadcasters, municipalities, and governments. With the goal is to enable reliable high-speed wireless (5G) networks and cable TV, we specialize in designing, deploying, and maintaining fiber optic networks, which provide fast, reliable, and secure internet services to homes, businesses and public facilities. Fiber Optics As […]

Defense Systems – A Comprehensive Overview

Defense systems are a wide range of means and technologies that are used to protect people, assets, infrastructure, and information from various threats. They can be physical, digital, or a combination of both. Types of defense systems Physical defense systems These systems are the first line of protection against physical threats. They include: Digital protection […]

Enforcing disabled parking using sensors and connection to a database

Disabled parking spaces are a basic right that allows people with mobility disabilities to independently partake in society. Proper and easy parking is a basic commodity for them, both for getting to work, studies, medical treatments, and leisure, and for a sense of equality and independence. Unfortunately, many disabled parking spaces are illegally used by […]

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Part 1: Introduction The systems and assets that form the backbone of our nation’s essential services and economic security are increasingly under threat. From cyber-attacks to natural disasters, the risks facing our critical infrastructure like energy grids, transportation networks, and communication systems are rapidly evolving. Protecting these vital lifelines is paramount to maintaining public safety, […]