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Critical Infrastructure Protection

Part 1: Introduction The systems and assets that form the backbone of our nation’s essential services and economic security are increasingly under threat. From cyber-attacks to natural disasters, the risks facing our critical infrastructure like energy grids, transportation networks, and communication systems are rapidly evolving. Protecting these vital lifelines is paramount to maintaining public safety, […]

Safe & Smart City Series:

Part 4: Communication infrastructure This fourth and final part of the Smart City Series focuses on the importance of strong, effective communication technologies, wired and wireless, for timely and reliable delivery of information between edge devices, the Command and Control center, field forces and different Municipal departments. Resilient high-speed network communications are a cornerstone of […]

Safe & Smart Cities:

Part 3: Command & Control Centers and Digital Services This part of the Smart City Series focuses on how a well-orchestrated Command & Control Center benefits Smart City initiatives by streamlining operations and enhances Digital Cervices and connectivity with citizens and Municipal field staff. The Heart of Smart Cities: A Unified Control Center In the […]

Safe & Smart City Series:

Part 2: Sensors, CCTV and Analytics This part of the Smart City Series focuses on various types of sensors and cameras distributed throughout the city and how AI analysis of the data from these sensors help create real-time awareness and strategic insights to city personnel, decision makers and citizens. Environment Sensors: Toward Sustainable Urban Living […]

Safe & Smart City Series:

Part 1 – intro: Smart Cities – from luxury to necessity As part of our Safe & Smart city series of blogs, we will focus on the way technologies are helping Municipalities become more efficient and provide better services in times of routine and emergency. In the past decade, the use of advanced technologies to […]