Battlefield Comms Cloud

The MER interoperability system for Defense applications addresses a complex combat challenge.

Modern warfare necessitates deployment of multiple forces in different arenas – in the land, air and sea. One of the most complex and important challenges in the battlefield is enabling these forces to work together seamlessly.

To successfully complete combat missions, 8-10 seconds is simply too long to wait to receive or send critical information. Forces must be able to share data and information in real-time, in order to generate timely operational insights that improve mission performance, control and management.

MER Group – through its subsidiary TechMer – develops multi-platform integrated communication solutions to manage the battlefield as a communication cloud, with global interoperability, SATCOM support, instant connection and conferencing.

These interoperability solutions for naval (mCMS) and land (mVIS) forces make possible the seamless transfer of all voice and data, internally and externally, thereby integrating all forces into one network and ensuring everybody is constantly up to date on all relevant battlefield information, including targets, threats and friendly forces.

The video below demonstrates how MER Group’s communication systems can be integrated in the battlefield:



For the Israeli Navy and Beyond

MER has provided its interoperability systems to the Israel Defense Forces in general and the Israeli Navy in particular, as well as to many other forces worldwide.

MER’s interoperability systems provide commanders and forces with enhanced situational awareness, improved flexibility and network resiliency and security, ensuring that all commanders and forces see the same operational picture.

The systems include the following operational features:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Audio feedback for blind operation
  • Multi-functional dual-role operator units
  • Individual selection and control of working radios
  • Active noise cancellation capabilities
  • Up to 16 simultaneous users and 8 radios
  • Scalable and flexible, adaptable to a wide range of platforms
  • Built-in audio recording for debriefing purposes
  • MIL Qualified: MIL-STD-1275D, 461F,810F


MER’s interoperability systems are utilized by navies worldwide for better management of the maritime space in routine and emergencies.


MER’s interoperability systems are utilized by the Israeli Defense Forces, including on the Merkava tank.