Unmanned Border Surveillance

Effective, real-time response to border incidents before arrival of security forces to the scene.

A key feature of MER’s border-protection solutions are unmanned communications and surveillance towers and masts, which utilize thermal imaging, radars, long-range optical systems, video analytics and other cutting-edge tools, to autonomously identify and track “objects of interest”, such as humans or vehicles, in the border’s peripheral zone.

Upon identification of an object, these towers and masts automatically send notifications to the border’s command & control center and directly to border patrol units, along with a detailed image of the identified object and precise location, thereby enabling a response that is both faster and more efficient. The response can also include automatic dispatch of unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for further target tracking.

These automated border surveillance solutions provide effective response to real-time events, until security forces arrive on scene. When scattered along the border, these solutions significantly reduce the number of forces required for securing long borderlines and for preventing smuggling.