In-Building Solutions

Mer In-Building Solutions

Modern subscribers expect excellent service wherever they go, be it in their office, in the mall, and in other building, where 80% of calls originate. Our comprehensive solutions for in-building communications allow network operator to supply high quality coverage that overcomes degradation of QoS in high elevation and at the center of the building.

Solution benefits:

  • Increase the number of calls generated within buildings
  • Reduce strain on outdoor cells in busy areas
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Choose from a range of systems for different building sizes

In-Building Solutions

Mer Group Telecom Division provides total In-Building Wireless Systems, including equipment delivery, RF design, construction, optimization, and RF coverage solutions to infrastructure integrators worldwide using fully integrated RF tools. Mer Telecom designers have the global expertise to take In-Building Network Designs to new heights while improving accuracy and standardizing design in order to enhance tomorrow’s network requirements. Mer’s cost-effective services for indoor solutions can be easily and quickly applied to any environment. Our indoor solutions, backed by Mer’s team of experts, are experienced in cellular, broadband and LAN/WAN services. At Mer we have chosen to be non-vendor specific which means we work with the widest possible range of equipment providers. This in turn enables us with a creative flexibility that facilitates our ability to offer customized planning and design that precisely suits our customers’ needs.

Our ensemble of technologies enables us to offer a range of in-building services including:

  • RF Design & Planning – Mer’s RF Planning Services enhance communication in areas with bad RF expansion and penetration. Mer is able to cover RF closed coverage circles with microcells, picocells, repeaters, hidden sites and more
  • System Installation & Implementation – Mer specializes in internal infrastructures; installation of cable guides, communication boxes and special active equipment; deployment and networking of optical, coaxial, copper cables
  • Project Management & Commissioning – Mer helps customers to optimize capital investment, improve customer satisfaction and bring in new business.
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