WiFi Offload

Smartphone and tablets have revolutionized internet browsing by allowing people to access the web from anywhere at any time using a small, convenient device. All over the world, customers are extending their mobile browsing time, creating a growing demand for data traffic over cellular networks. Mobile network operators are seeking cost-effective solutions to satisfy the growing data hunger and provide an excellent service to their customers. However, despite constant network upgrades, operators still lag behind consumer demand.

The problem is exacerbated in public spaces, where many people are attempting to access the web simultaneously. Wi-Fi offload is one of a range of solutions offered by Mer Group to assist operators in meeting their customers’ data traffic demand. Offloading uses a complementary high bandwidth Wi-Fi network in order to handle data traffic instead of the cellular network, thereby providing a much better service for a relatively inexpensive investment.

Mer Group offers a turnkey solutions for Wi-Fi offload in public facilities such as hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. The group is a reliable provider with proven worldwide experience which delivers end-to-end solution customized for the needs of each location and operator, and working with the latest technology.

Mer Group additionally offers innovative technological solutions for Wi-Fi offload, including an app that can offload traffic to 3rd improve quality of signal in crowded areas. party networks and a unique solution to improve quality of signal in crowded areas.

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Additional solutions for Distributed Anntennae Systems:

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