WIFI Coverage

In the modern world, people have come to expect wireless networks wherever they go. Municipalities, facility owners and other organizations must respond to this demand by supplying high quality Wi-Fi networks of high capacity. In fact, poor Wi-Fi availability is a common cause of complaints. Supplying access to multiple devices across walls, on different floors and across other obstacles can be a challenging task.

Any Wi-Fi coverage solution must deploy its equipment as to provide maximum capacity throughout the designated area and support numerous concurrent connections. Mer Group provides an end-to-end solution for installing large and medium Wi-Fi networks in a variety of facilities and places. The group offers expert planning and design services, quality equipment and ongoing service and maintenance.

Mer Group has many years of experience in laying out Wi-Fi networks in facilities and open areas around the world. Our team of leading engineers designs a customized solution for each facility or space, to ensure full coverage of the area and optimized service, that is easy to use and maintain. Among our range of cutting-edge technological solutions we offer a special system for messaging all Wi-Fi users at once. This can be used for a variety of purposes in the work place, on municipal networks and other scenarios.

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Additional solutions for Distributed Anntennae Systems:

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