Stadiums and Open Places

Stadiums and Open Spaces

When major events take place in stadiums or open spaces, people naturally wish to share their experience through the phone or over the internet. To make the audience experience a smooth, enjoyable service it is necessary to provide the network capacity to support a high volume of communication.

Cellular networks are built to accommodate a normal amount of communications and is unable to service large crowds attending a concert, a football match, or any other major event.

Mer Group provides two types of solutions for communications during major events:

  • Fixed equipment for stadiums and other facilities hosting major events
  • Cell on Wheels (COW) – a mobile solution for one-time events in open spaces

Mer Group has gained extensive experience in implementing communications solutions that allow stadiums to provide their audience with top-level service even at the busiest time. This capacity may be leased to network operator for the duration of the event, generating an additional source of income for the facility.

Our proven experience in supplying additional capacity to large audiences relies on the Mer Group’s global operations, integration expertise, and the deployment of best-of-breed technology to satisfy the customer’s current and future needs.

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Additional solutions for Distributed Anntennae Systems:

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