Mines and Tunnels

Establishing communications in mines and tunnels underground is a challenging task, yet the very nature of these facilities requires ongoing communications and preparation for possible emergency. Delivering a high quality signal is crucial for safety and security forces who need reliable communications for protecting such facilities and for coordinating efforts in case of incidents or emergencies.

Mer Group offers turnkey solutions for delivering radio and cellular signals in tunnels, tailored for the unique requirements of a road designed for fast driving. The solution includes dedicated design and planning, commissioning and deploying equipment, as well as ongoing service and maintenance.

Benefits to operators and facility owners include:

  • Complete solution for all communications needs
  • Supports all types of networks: cellular, Wifi and first responders.
  • Unified communications for police, fire fighters, rescue forces, etc.

In order to prepare for every eventuality and allow emergency and security forces to cooperate easily, Mer Group offers an advanced intercommunications system that allows forces to share information on any type of network, using any type of device. Unified communications contribute to timely, coordinated response that can save lives in emergency situations.

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Additional solutions for Distributed Anntennae Systems:

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