Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Mobile devices have long since turned from simple phones to powerful devices that affect every aspect of our daily lives, from sharing life moments to buying parking tickets. This mobile revolution depends on high level network accessibility, yet operators are struggling to provide an adequate quality of service in the places where people spend most of their time – in their homes, the workplace or during leisure activities.

Mer Group has developed a range of advanced solutions for delivering network signals into buildings of all sizes, tunnels and mines, as well as providing high capacity networking for stadiums and other open places where many people gather for time-limited events.

Mer Group offers network operators and facility operators a turnkey solution which includes:

  • Designing a solution for the customer’s specific needs based on specialized engineering and many years of experience
  • Commissioning, implementing and integrating active and passive equipment
  • Testing and optimization for best possible service using available resources
  • Ongoing service and maintenance
Mer Group has gained a reputation as a market leader in telecom integration, working with the best technology customized for a variety of needs. The company’s DAS solutions are implemented in numerous high rise buildings and major shopping malls throughout South America.

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Additional Solutions for Distributed Antenna Systems:

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