Traffic Monitoring and Control

In busy urban hubs traffic is increasingly an obstacle to growth, costing a fortune in lost work hours and air pollution. Traffic monitoring and control allows municipalities to leverage deployed CCTV cameras and sensors to streamline traffic, saving city dwellers precious time and contributing to city prosperity.

Mer Groups offers a turnkey solution for real-time monitoring of traffic and adjusting smart digital signage to respond to traffic patterns, accidents or any type of incident on the road.

System capabilities include:

  • Smart digital signs connected wirelessly to the municipal control center
  • Smart routing by dynamically changing the direction of road lanes
  • Measuring traffic volume to alert drivers and collect data for future planning
  • Managing traffic lights according to traffic flow
  • Lighting management by remote control with live alerts on any malfunction
  • Real time parking management
  • Unified management system

Traffic monitoring is handled from the city’s command and control center, integrated with all relevant city management systems for maximum efficiency and control.