Award-Winning Unified Operations Management for Control Centers

Secure-M is the technological layer facilitating efficient and effective control center operations. The system allows operators to view multiple data streams within a unified display and gain easy access to all relevant information and personnel.

The system assists control center operators by streamlining key activities, such as:

  • Managing multiple devices through a unified friendly user interface
  • Contextual display of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for any eventuality
  • Automatic activation of pre-determined responses
  • Full documentation of actions performed for auditing and debriefing

Every individual implementation of Secure-M is fully customized to the needs of the organization. The system provides a flexible rule engine for handling incoming information, sorting it by event, and generating automatic responses.

The new generation of Secure-M currently being developed will support the latest surveillance and presentation technologies, including digital video, mapping services, multi-tab interfaces and more.

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