Safe & Smart City

Cities and urban centers are hothouses for economic growth, innovation and cultural development. Unfortunately, their very success attracts wrongdoers, from petty crime to lethal terrorist attacks.

Safe & Smart City projects utilize advanced technologies to increase the safety and security of city dwellers, as well as provide them with advanced services to increase their quality of life. Mer Group has gained extensive experience in implementing end-to-end Safe & Smart City projects around the world.

All projects combine hands-on expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and unique proprietary systems – all seamlessly integrated within a customized solution tailored for the needs of the customer and security best practices.

Safe & Smart City projects include deploying all types of sensors in designated areas, installing a communications network, and setting up regional and central intelligent command and control centers. This infrastructure is used for the implementation of intelligence services, city management, traffic management, law enforcement and more.

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