Mobile Hospitals & Clinics

Beyond the conventional first aid treatment provided by medical experts in the field, the ability to provide further professional treatment and perform on-site advanced surgical operations could mean the difference between life and death.

Mer Group’s mobile hospital is a fully equipped modular unit that allows professional medical teams to perform advanced operations as if they were in a stationary hospital environment. Furthermore, the medical teams can obtain immediate information on the nature of injury from the first aid personnel at the field, and then provide a more meticulous and comprehensive treatment promptly. To establish large medical centers in the field, each unit can be flown to a designated location and connected to numerous other shelter units. Alternatively, a single unit can be integrated with a vehicle and serve as a standalone mobile emergency room.

The mobile hospital is full equipped with the necessary facility such water treatment, water sewage and energy power source.

Our Mobile Hospitals & Clinics includes:

  • Professionally equipped operating rooms for advanced surgeries
  • Emergency rooms and intensive care units
  • Field hospitalization facilities
  • Units (X-ray, ultrasound)
  • Gynecologist units
  • Dental treatment units
  • Water treatment
  • Power energy
  • Medical training and support