SIM Cards

Mer Group Telecom Division has developed a range of STK-based solutions that utilize the security features and advanced capabilities of SIM cards.

Our services include consulting, project management, software development, integration, and handset compatibility testing.

Our solutions are developed following the ETSI/3GPP standards which ensures their interoperabilitywith SIM card vendors and handset manufacturers.

Advantages of SIM-based Applications:


STK solutions use the standard SIM capabilities which are available on most mobile handheld devices. This allows the same application to run on handheld devices from various manufacturers and be usedin both 2G and 3G networks.


SIM cards have built-in security mechanisms that include a unique identifier and encryption. This makes STK inherently safe and supports advanced security mechanisms.


In certain situations SIM-based applications use the phone and network resources more efficiently compared to software that runs on the mobile phone’s OS. This enables end users to use their phones. normally, while the SIM application runs in the background.