Smart Buildings

IP Convergence and Management Applications for Multi-Tenancy Buildings

Imagine coming into the office for another day at work. As you drive into the parking lot you are directed to the closest available space to save you time and effort. As you walk into the building you swipe your mobile phone to pass the security point and step into the elevator which knows exactly what floor you’re going to. As you step into the office the light turns on, the temperature is exactly as you like it and you can start your day with ease and comfort. Mer Group is turning this futuristic vision into reality every day, around the world.

Buildings serving numerous occupants and visitors require multiple applications to function properly and may need dozens of systems for security, control, communications and more to serve their purpose. The Mer Group offers an advanced solution for the convergence all low voltage systems in the building into a single, redounded IP-centered network that delivers multiple benefits, including:

  • Cost savings: using a single infrastructure for all systems reduces redundant equipment, simplifies maintenance and delivers significant energy-savings.
  • Open standards: the Mer Group solution utilizes vendor-agnostic equipment that can be easily extended or replaced as necessary.
  • Enhanced functionality: the convergence of different systems with IP connectivity allows building managers to offer new services in security, control, data, internet connectivity and more.

Mer Group’s convergence solution includes:

  • Smart building Management Application
  • Building Management (BMS) & HVAC
  • Data Infrastructure
  • IP Telephony Systems
  • Physical & Virtual Access Control: Surveillance Systems, Parking Systems, Elevator Self Destination Systems, Digital Signage Systems, Background Music, Meeting Rooms and Halls, RFID, In room Energy System, POS, Nurse call systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Evacuation And Music Systems

Mer Group offers end-to-end solution, from design and planning to equipment installation and maintenance, thereby simplifying the process and saving time on contracting with multiple vendors. This advanced solution is suitable for a wide range of buildings, such as:

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