Accurate monitoring and forecasting of meteorological, hydrological and environmental data is essential for daily life as well as during emergency and critical situations. Mer Group provides a range of comprehensive turn-key solutions for municipalities and governmental organizations, military and security forces, corporates and event planners.

We provide a top-level turnkey solution for all your weather monitoring and forecasting needs.

Our solutions include:

  • Observation Networks data collection and verification
  • Analysis, processing and presentation of weather data
  • Meteorological and climatological data bases
  • High-resolution numerical modeling
  • Meteorological Desktop Publishing and forecasting tools
  • Supporting tools for climatology research

Establishing and upgrading Hydro-Meteorological Centers

When establishing a new meteorological center or planning to modernize and add new capabilities to an existing center, the Mer Group offers a tailored solution that covers all aspects of the project.
Our experience encompasses establishing forecast centers, implementing observation networks and upgrading both software and hardware. Our holistic approach delivers working solutions that meet and exceed customer requirements.

Local weather forecasting for Homeland Security

In cases of fire, hazardous material leaks and similar situations, the difference between a minor incident and a large-scale disaster often depends on wind direction and speed, rainfall, or air density.
We provide a unique end-to-end solution for rapid deployment of a local weather forecasting center right where it is needed the most. Our mobile centers are equipped with the latest technology and designed for efficient operations under any circumstances.

Local weather forecasting for military applications

Wind, fog, and other weather conditions affect battlefield action, especially the choice and deployment of artillery or air forces. Previously, ground forces have had to rely on general weather forecasts that may not apply to the actual conditions in the field.

Mer Group offers an innovative, military-grade, mobile meteorology system that can be quickly deployed under battle conditions, providing real time reports about local and target area weather conditions for a variety of purposes. Thanks to the accurate weather data artillery units can now impact their targets accurately, saving precious time and expensive munitions.

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Environmental Monitoring

Our quality of life and safety depends on the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink and other environmental factors. Ongoing monitoring of environmental markers is crucial to protect the population from pollution and respond quickly to any detected hazard.

The Mer Group provides end-to-end solutions to government entities, municipalities and industrial companies with High Resolution Dispersion Models for pollutants monitoring as well as monitoring systems for ambient air, noise, dust, pollution, radiation, Ozone, PM2.5, PM10 and NOX, water quality and temperature.