Intelligence Solutions

The ability to collect, analyze, fuse, and investigate dispersed data is stretched thin by the huge volumes of information created every day. MER’s suite of intelligence solutions uses cutting-edge technology to close the loop on organizational intelligence.

Based on a revolutionary contextual narrative methodology, our high-rate collection, analysis and investigation solutions support intelligence processes by extracting only relevant and accurate data from various sources, with a particular expertise in OSINT and social media analysis. This unique methodology ensures reliable leads are gathered, and real targets are found. Once targets are detected, a full 360° profile is generated and a total risk score is assigned, providing immediate actionable insights.

A further ongoing examination can then be carried out using a comprehensive investigation toolset, which enables entity extraction, in-depth examination and monitoring of targets, visualization of the nature of their relationships with other potential targets, and pre-defined alerts. The resulting insights can then be quickly translated into action, allowing relevant stakeholders to react to potential threats before they are realized.

Created in accordance with best practice, by intelligence experts with extensive proven field experience, the MER suite of intelligence solutions consists of:

OSCAR – open source collection & analysis, with 360° profile builder and total risk score

OSCAR+ – open source investigation, with 360° profile builder, risk scoring algorithm, and an investigation toolset

SAIP – end-to-end, all-source intelligence platform, supports multiple sources, formats and languages, and includes advanced investigation and data collaboration tools

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