OSCAR – Intelligence Goes Social

The internet, so much a part of our daily life, is fast becoming a central arena for intelligence operations. Websites, online forums and social media serve as a means of communications and recruitment for malevolent groups which must be effectively identified and countered. With over 2 billion active social media accounts, however, this becomes a daunting task.

Mer Group has introduced the Open Source Collection, Analysis & Response (OSCAR) system to handle OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) collected from the web and social media.

OSCAR offers multiple benefits for working with open online sources, including:

  • Automatic collection and ongoing monitoring of a wide range of sources in different formats and languages, including managing and operating multiple online identities
  • Smart analytics including text exploration, What, Where, When analysis, information scoring and prioritizing, geographical locations, and entity discovery.
  • Sophisticated Analyst Portal serves as a unified work space for analysts, allowing them to accelerate their work and reach valuable insights.
  • An interactive intelligence digest report of collected OS information rapidly disseminated to relevant stakeholders
  • Robust and scalable infrastructure that supports any kind of data and allows organization to quickly adapt to new circumstances without programming.

Open source information can be used to track events in real time, enrich and complete classified materials, as well as protect sources and methods by providing an alternative explanation for decision made or information sources.

OSCAR brings the SAIP advantage to the world of open source intelligence – open architecture, intelligence best practices, adaptability, scalability and security.

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