Cyber Security in an Interconnected World

Mer Group brings to cyber security a comprehensive, holistic outlook which is translated into practicable tailor-made solutions, based on thorough professional knowledge and a deep commitment to the success of the customer.

Traditional web security tried to stop technical breaches, Cyber Security analyzes the specific situation of the organization and brings together people, technology and procedures to best defend it

Mer Cyber Services include:

  • Threat intelligence: identify the real-world people and organizations that threaten the organization, their motivation and planned actions.
  • Professional service: a diverse offering by an elite cyber-defense team that brings to your organization rich Cyber warfare expertise and intelligence professionalism.
  • Intelligence–driven Cyber Security Operations Center: State of the art operations center to monitor security posture at all time and coordinate response.
  • Orchestrating Security Solutions: tailoring integrated solutions that deliver a high ROI through an emphasis on analytical cyber products

Mer Cyber solutions are developed and implemented by top-level professionals in security, intelligence and technology. A holistic, customer-centered approach ensures that each customer enjoys an optimal security operation for its needs.