Hospitals Development and Medical Services

Building, Renovation, Upgrading, Construction and Operating

Mer provides end to end solutions for medical centers in various scales and types. Our services include: planning and building of mobile and fixed hospitals, establishment of infrastructure and support systems, design of operational concept, training, quality control (physical and budget) and schedule monitoring.

  • Establishment of Hospitals Services- proven partnership with E.D.C for feasibility studies, building design, construction management, project management, , and consulting
  • Construction of a Medical Center- Program Preparation, Preliminary Planning, Master Plan, Economic and Engineering Project Survey , Permits From Relevant Institutions, Detailed Planning and Coordination of, Execution.
  • Training and Operations Support- On going education and courses, frontal classes and simulations for medical teams: Use of equipment, Team training in order to best utilization of the facility , hospital operational protocols and maintenance protocols.
  • Management System of Medical Records and Telemedicine -using of IT & communication technology to provide and support quality healthcare from patient end to the doctor’s end, without limitations of geographical boundaries.
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Additional Solutions to the Hospitals Development and Medical Services: