Water Solutions

Water are the source of life, yet in a world where pollution and global warming limit water supplies, the ability to provide water for drinking, agriculture and the industry, as well as effectively treating wastewater are increasingly more difficult.

Mer Group provides water, wastewater and recycling solutions around the world, leveraging its large-scale project management capabilities and the world-renowned Israeli water technology.

The company’s turnkey solutions allow municipalities and governmental agencies throughout the world provide their communities with the highest level of water solution that will deliver benefits for decades to come.

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wtMer Cleantech draws on Israel’s world-famous expertise and innovation in water technologies to implement turnkey water plants and infrastructure solutions that ensure an ongoing supply of life’s basic necessity – clean water.
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26-11-2013-13-06-01Proper treatment of wastewater is key to maintaining a high standard of living in modern cities, as well as protecting the environment. The Mer Group specializes in large-scale projects, either turnkey or on a BOT model.
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