Solar Rooftops

Solar rooftops turns unused roof space to an income generating power plant that can deliver a significant income from commercial buildings such as office buildings, shopping centers, industrial complexes and more. Governments throughout the world are encouraging solar rooftops as a way to fight global warming through the production of electricity from a clean, renewable source.

Mer Group offers a turnkey solar rooftop solution for commercial projects that are both reliable and efficient. Over the years, the company has gained extensive experience in setting up solar projects and handling of all aspects of the project, including:

  • Site prequalification and evaluation: site survey by electrical and civil engineers, assessment of feasibility with regards to planning, permitting, and utility contract.
  • Planning and permitting: Preparing materials and managing process for planning and permitting with local authorities and contracting with electricity utility.
  • Design: general design, site development plans, PV structure design, grounding and electricity plans. All materials are fully documented for future use.
  • Installation: commissioning and implementing PV panels, inverters and all other necessary equipment on the site.
  • Project management: full coordination of all aspects of the operation and the different disciplines involved.
  • Service and maintenance: ongoing service and preventive maintenance to ensure a smooth operation.

The Mer Group’s end-to-end approach relies on a team of domain experts in all necessary disciplines and a proven track record in project management. The group delivers to its customers a complete, working solar rooftop solution that is guaranteed to maintain expected power generation levels over time.