Ground Installations

The energy reaching earth from the sun is enough to meet the global demand for electricity anywhere in the world. The process of learning how to harness this power in order to supply electricity demand, however, is slow and gradual. The main challenge is the need for efficient energy production that will convert sunlight into electricity efficiently and consistently over time.

The Mer Group is participating in the solar revolution by providing solar power plants as turnkey solutions that result in fully working ground installations. The group specializes in medium solar fields in the range of 1-10 MW, handling all aspects of the project from planning and permitting, through design and construction, and all the way to installation and ongoing service.

Site Evaluation and Design

A team of experience, civil engineers and electric engineers creates a comprehensive site design, system engineering, land acquisition and permitting, structural design and detailing, concrete foundations and a comprehensive electrical design for the system.

Construction and Civil Works

The Mer Group brings its worldwide operations experience to bear on any solar project. Services include site clearing and leveling, fencing and security, PV panel support, installation of panels, inverters, cables and all other equipment.Once the site is up and running Mer Group provides ongoing maintenance to ensure it keeps on performing at maximum capacity.

Structure Design and Manufacturing

Mer Group relies on its fully owned manufacturing facilities to deliver flexible solar panel supports tailored to the needs of each project.

Global Project Management

The Mer Group relies on its global footprint to manage projects efficiently anywhere in the world. A proven track record in logistics and global operations, coupled with dozens of local offices on 5 continents, ensure all ground installations are delivered to the customer within the agreed schedule and budget.