Off – Grid Plants

In remote areas that are not connected to the power grid solar power can offer a cost-effective, green solution for generating electric power. Off-grid plants harness the power of the sun to operate equipment in a completely independent way.

Mer Group provides a wide range of off-grid systems that can be deployed in remote locations without a power connection, such as mobile communications sites, military facilities, and any other site in need of a totally autonomous supply of electricity or a smart power backup solution. These systems can rely on solar power, wind power, or a hybrid combination of fuel and renewable energy sources.

All off-grid plant solutions leverage the Mer Group’s technological and logistical expertise to create a tailored system that is well-adapted to local conditions and will operate reliably over long periods of time.

Mer Group delivers an end-to-end solution that includes all necessary system parts, including:

  • Solar panels or wind turbines
  • Converters and cabling
  • Batteries and generators

These components are integrated to create a seamlessly working system and installed on site by skilled technicians.


Thanks to our proven track record in global logistics, thorough understanding of off-grid power facilities and flexible production we can offer customers a tailor-made solution that will ensure a consistent power supply in any location and for any need.