Defense Communications

Information flow, delivering commands and reporting back from the battlefield are critical missions for modern warfare. Clear, unobstructed communication is important for any kind of military operation, but during battle they may make the difference between life and death.

Mer Group offers a network-centric solution for communications networks unification and interoperability. The solution allows headquarters to communicate with any unit in the field using a single, touch-based device, regardless of what type of network or devices the unit is using. The solution further allows forces in the field to communicate with each other for coordination and exchange of mission-critical information.

Mer Group also specializes in battle gear communication systems for integration with modern weapons systems, based on the flexible IP protocol. The company’s products are fully compliant with the strict mil spec and have been implemented in advanced weapons systems such as the famous Israeli Merkava tank, as well as mission aircraft, watercraft and border control.

More than just voice, Mer Group’s solution creates a sophisticated multimedia system, integrated with weapons systems, a variety of sensors and other communications networks. Using audio for a range of inputs allows soldiers to focus on their mission, reduces clutter, and simplifies operations.

Mer Group’s defense communications solutions can be integrated with in the following systems:

  • Border Protection Communications
  • Naval: * Naval Shipboard communications * Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) communications * Shore Communications
  • Air Force * Air Defense Communication solutions * Mission Aircraft communications * Air Refueling 3D Optical System * 3D Audio System * MFD – Multi Function cockpit & operator Display
  • Army * Command & Control Centers * Mobile Command Post * Armored Vehicles intercom and Radio Control * ROIP Sites