Communications Interoperability

Ongoing, effective communication between all forces working to accomplish a specific task is the key to success in any scenario. When the task at hand is executing a military operation, handling emergency situations or dealing with major disasters, unified communications become critical.

The Mer Group offers a range of communication interoperability solutions for first responders and security forces that interconnect diverse networks to create a unified communications system for all forces in the field that can be fully controlled and monitored from the control center.

Our solutions include communication for command centers, disaster recovery facilities deployed in the field, RoIP interoperability, portable mesh communications, video transmission, video streaming systems, and Distributed Antennas Solutions (DAS) for wireless coverage.

Our end-to-end approach ensures that we implement communication interoperability solutions which meet customer requirements and integrate seamlessly with existing systems. Our service relies on more than 20 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in providing multi-disciplinary communication solutions worldwide.

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