VivAlert, MER’s unique and innovative smart alert and information system, is a singular notification system that was developed for the very reason of enabling reliable delivery of real-time digital voice alerts and information, anywhere, anytime.

Dynamic and Flexible

Whether an alerting system already exists or not, all options are open with VivAlert.

We offer a dynamic and flexible turnkey solution which can be adjusted to different needs and requirements. The system can operate as an independent alert disseminator or function as complementary means to other existing dissemination channels. VivAlert can be easily installed in houses, schools, hospitals, offices, shopping malls, public transport units and terminals. In fact, it can be installed almost anywhere people live.

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VivAlert is a CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) compliant solution. It is based on a dedicated DVB-T receiver and comprises of two system elements:

  1. Head-end CAP decoder and streaming server – implements software that transforms valid CAP alerts into voice alert message and output it as DVB MPEG transport stream. The VivAlert voice data is embedded in terrestrial digital TV multiplexer and will automatically voice the message through the Home alert & information device(2) which is located at civilians’ homes, alerting people of the impending disaster, Vivalert data includes voice data and special fixed area code (polygon), which are encapsulated into DVB MPEG transport stream standard.
  2. Home alert & information device – a high end stand alone appliance which delivers voice alerts to civilians and provides HTTP delivery to any connected device. According to predefinition by the authorities, Geo-target messaging is provided, supporting multiple languages for the convenience of users.