Video Transmission

The digital revolution is spreading across the world and transforms cable, terrestrial and satellite headends into modern digital broadcast facilities. The transition from analog to digital requires a complete overhaul of broadcast equipment, from encoding to transmission. Such large-scale projects call for a technology partner with the experience and knowledge to make the transition smoothly and efficiently.

Mer Group provides a range of digital video solutions, tailored for the needs of the customer and utilizing the latest technology from internationally leading vendors. Our service includes satellite reception, signal processing and all the way to distribution. We are also experienced in planning and deploying IPTV over the top solutions, taking advantage of the expanding capacity of the internet to deliver high quality video to the home.

Mer Group is an ideal partner for video transmission, offering multiple advantages including:

  • Experienced teams for engineering and implementation
  • Proven experience in implementing large-scale projects
  • Thorough familiarity with equipment from leading brands
  • A flexible approach pursuing the best value for the customer
  • Worldwide operations

Our team of video transmission specialists studies the needs and existing systems of each customer, advising them on technology options and frequency strategy. An end-to-end approach ensures that customers enjoy a fully-working digital headend on time and within budget.