Video Contribution

Delivering video streams at high quality and minimal delay is a major technical challenge. Designing and implementing point to point video transmission requires specialized engineering expertise and extensive experience in integrating complex systems.

Mer Group provides advanced video contribution solutions based on outstanding video expertise and worldwide experience in installing video contribution for a wide variety of purposes. Our skilled team studies the needs of each customer and designs a customized solution that covers all aspects of video handling, including compression, distribution, storage, decoding, content management and archiving.

Newsrooms and Broadcasters

Video contribution can save time and costs on acquiring and editing materials shot on location. Instead of carrying taped material to the newsroom, reporters and photographers can use up-to-date technology to send materials over the network for immediate processing and inclusion in news programs.

Video contribution is an extremely efficient solution for broadcasters who work in multiple locations, such as global news networks. Streaming video allows the newsroom to receive materials from different geographical locations rapidly and in a centralized manner.

Military and Security Forces

Mer Group has gained extensive experience in delivering video from sensitive locations, such as border fences, at close to real-time speed. Sending high quality video from the field allow military and security forces to control larger areas without compromising on the level of data obtained from the field.

Additional Applications

Mer Group has the capability and expertise to deploy video contribution solutions for a variety of purposes such as recording, storing and managing footage from operations theatres in hospitals, university classes and additional applications.