IPTV Over the Top Solutions

Over the top (OTT) solutions harness the power of the internet to deliver sophisticated services that customers appreciate. The broad array of services enabled by IPTV include content delivery, live channels, VoD, social applications, gaming, internet connection, time shift TV, network PVR, DRM, content management and more.

The Mer Group offers comprehensive solutions for IPTV OTT providers looking to implement a cutting-edge OTT service, that delivers reliable and high quality of live and on demand streaming to any connected device. Our solutions include:

  • ABR (ataptive bit rates) encoders and transcoders
  • Long tail storage
  • Origin servers
  • HTTP caching
  • DRM (digital right management)

Our wide experience in IPTV and content delivery systems ensures an optimized solution that allows operators to launch cutting-edge services in an efficient and timely manner.