Turnkey Fiber Optic Infrastructure Solutions

Fiber Optic Infrastructures

Mer Group offers turn-key solutions for fiber optic infrastructure projects, including comprehensive design, planning and marking of the fiber optic route, testing, installation, system integration, maintenance and upgrade services. With in-house labs, logistical centers and field service capabilities, Mer Group is able to implement complex large-scale projects that cover nation-wide installations. Our vast experience in fiber optic infrastructure projects spans tens of thousands of Kilometers that were laid in Israel, China, Chile, Russia, UK, Kazakhstan, Spain, Brazil, Serbia, The Netherlands, Zambia, Cameron, and more.

State-of-the-art Equipment

The solution includes a range of State-of-the-art transmission and receiving equipment (voice, video, data) for security/surveillance, broadcast networks, and ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems). Passive equipment includes patch cables, optical couplers, WDM, fiber optic cabling with low insertion loss and high isolation.

Field Equipment and Testing

As part of the installation and testing process, Mer Group uses advanced field equipment, which includes splicing vehicles and tents, field strength meters, DWDM Optical Spectrum Analyzers and Calans. Its in-house testing labs house advanced equipment and methodologies that ensure optimal link lengths, splices insertion loss, fibers insertion loss and return loss.

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Project Implementation Process

Our turnkey approach covers the entire lifecycle of the project including the post implementation maintenance and upgrade services. A typical project includes the following phases:

Planning and marking FO route – Design of the fiber optic route, preparation of threading program, planning the location of manholes, hand holes and joints, planning the Installation of cables in buildings.

Trenching – trenching according to the route design with trenchers or excavators.

Laying cables in trenches – cleaning the trench before laying the cable, special trailers to prevent excessive tensile, bending radius, pulling load according to cable spec.

Fibers splicing – splicing in the manholes, enclosures and racks according to the design using mobile vans and splice machines.

Installation of communication equipment – cabinets, manholes, switches, and outers for building secure and highly available network.

Quality tests – OTDR, Link length, splices insertion loss, fibers insertion loss and return loss, and total link insertion loss.

Documentation – As Made file containing final topographic route map, with actual positioning of the manholes, cables layout, fiber routing/splitting design, and tests results.

The networks that are deployed by Mer Group transport the communications of the existing systems, such as surveillance cameras, control systems, and more.