Data Security Solutions

IP communications require comprehensive security management that restricts access to organizational network resources and blocks the ability of exploiting them. Mer Group Telecom Division implements such security solutions in enterprises, SMBs, and Telecom carrier environments, ensuring safe inbound and outbound communication. Our solutions include implementation of firewalls, VPNs, SSL, UTM protection, content filtering, data leak prevention IPS/IDS, NAC, and one-way communication for standard regular network environments and cloud network environments.

Solution Components

VPNs and SSL – offer secure access to the organization’s network by remote workers, partners, suppliers, etc. Our solution includes both client and client-less security solution for remote access.

UTM Protection – universal threat management that ensures filtering of content as it enters the organization’s network. The solution includes a variety of applications, including Antivirus, Antispyware, spam filters, and more.

IDS/IPS – Intrusion detection/prevention systems offer real-time network monitoring for the identification and prevention of attacks.

URL Filtering – Filtering content by controlling allowed and forbidden web pages.

One-way communications – used in extremely secure environments, this solution allows communication to flow in one direction only.

OTP – One Time Password and strong authentication solutions.

Application FW – dedicated solution for the protection of websites and databases.

NAC – The Network access control solution offers protection on the port level of the switch.

DLP – The Data Leak Prevention solution protects the organization’s confidential information from leaking to unauthorized parties.