Data Communications Solutions

Mer Group Telecom Division offers a wide range of market-leading IP networking solutions for enterprises, small businesses, campuses, and community environments. Our solutions, which include LAN/WAN/WLAN networks, enable connectivity both within the organization and towards the outside world. We have high level partnerships with leading vendors.

Solution Components

Switches – switches provide access to the network. Mer’s solution includes a variety of Layer 2/Layer 3 switches for every need. From 100 Mb switches to Giga Ethernet switched, various numbers of gateways, using fiber optics or copper, in various configurations (e.g. number of ports/modules). The switches may also include a variety of services, such as wireless, security, network management.

Routers – routers forward data packets between the various networks (WAN/LAN). Mer offers routers from leading manufacturers, including Juniper and HP. Firewall – firewall provides a primary security layer between the organization and the outside world. Mer offers a variety of routers with a variety of services from Layer 3 routers, IPS, UTM, content filtering, and more.

GPON Solution

A passive optical network (PON) is a network architecture that brings fiber cabling and signals to the home using a point-to-multipoint scheme that enables a single optical fiber to serve multiple premises. Encryption maintains data security in this shared environment. The architecture uses passive (unpowered) optical splitters, reducing the cost of equipment compared to point-to-point architectures. Our GPON Solution provides bandwidth capacity of 1.25Gbps uplink and 2.5Gbps downlink and include enhanced security capabilities.

Point to Point Solution

Mer Group’s point to point solution connects end clients to the organization through a dedicated fiber optic link. The solution offers maximal bandwidth for the end user without sharing the bandwidth with other users, as in the case of the GPON solution. At the end user end a CPE device is installed. The CPE offers multiple ports for connecting multiple computers with optional connections to the telephony system and Wi-Fi. The point to point solution is recommended for high bandwidth applications, such as IPTV, VoD, and combined data and telephony networks.