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MER Group will deploy a smart-city communications network on an island in the Caribbean

The project is valued at at 19.5 million dollars. The island’s local government’s communications company published a tender to connect 20,000 households and commercial zones as the basis for a smart, safe city. Of all of the bids submitted, MER Group was selected.

Holon, May 16, 2017: MER Group (TASE: CMER), provider of telecom, security, intelligence, and cyber solutions, recently announced that its bid had been selected to lay a sophisticated optic fiber communications network for a smart city for the government communications company on a tourist island in the Caribbean. The expected duration of the project is two years and the project is valued at 70.2 million NIS (19.5 million dollars).

This project, scheduled to begin in July, will involve deploying a basis for a smart city on the island by connecting 20,000 households, commercial zones, offices, industrial areas and shops throughout the island to a broadband communications network that will support the internet, the telephone and television communications at a rate of 1GB per second.

Thanks to the deployment of the optical infrastructure, it will be possible to expand the implementation of smart and safe city solutions according to the customer’s needs and to connect to the city’s command and control platform. MER Group will also provide the government communications company with maintenance services for the network for an additional two years.

Nir Lempert, MER Group’s CEO “MER Group is constantly developing its ability to provide cutting-edge solutions for building and managing smart-city infrastructure, using innovative technology that accommodates the communication needs in modern cities. We have won this tender as a result of our experience in deploying communications infrastructure and smart cities, and in combining advanced technologies to create a comprehensive solution. This achievement was made possible by our increased marketing and sales efforts in Central America”.

Please note that execution of the project is subject to the signing of a final and binding agreement with the customer and subject to the fact that no petition will be filed with the court against the customer’s decision on the winner in accordance with the terms of the tender.

About MER Group

MER Group (TASE: C.MER) is a global Israeli Company that focuses its operations in five core fields: communications infrastructure and optical fiber; HLS (Homeland Security including safe cities, strategic installations, smart cities, campuses and smart buildings); cyber intelligence services; intelligence and investigative systems based on BIG DATA technology; and tactical communications solutions for emergency and lifesaving forces (first responders) and armies (see land and air).

The Company, through its subsidiaries offers end to end holistic solutions that include consulting, development, manufacture, integration, implementation and training adapted to the customer’s needs. The Group’s customers include governmental, municipal and security agencies, banks, communications operators and more. The Company has a number of software and electronics R&D centers as well as manufacturing plants in Israel and around the world.

MER Group employs about 1,200 employees, number tens of subsidiaries and is active primarily in Latin America, the USA, Africa and Israel. MER is managed by Nir Lampert and is controlled by Haim MER, the FIMI fund and Yitzchak ben Basat. It has been traded on the TA exchange since 1992. MER’s headquarters are located in Holon.


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