MER Group Telecom Division Announces its New and Expanded Solution Portfolio

MER expands into software solutions focusing on the Digital Economy evolution and its supporting communication infrastructure.

Holon, ISRAEL, Sep 9th, 2013: MER Group (C. MER Industries Ltd.), the world leader in digital communication infrastructure for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), today announced its latest solution portfolio from its newly established Telecom Division. The portfolio was designed to address critical MNO needs in the rapidly evolving digital economy.

The new portfolio includes Mobile FinaGate, a comprehensive Mobile Finance Services (MFS) solution with dedicated money capabilities; m-Power, an end-to-end MVNO enablement solution for MVNOs, MNOs and SIs; CrossTalk, a robust M2M solution for a range of market verticals and applications; a Near Field Communication (NFC) solution for contactless payments; and a smart ticketing solution for public transport. These solutions will be showcased at the upcoming AfricaCom show in Cape Town, South Africa during November.

Rather than focusing on issues, we are focusing on the growth opportunities in the Telecom industry,” says Oz Ovady, CEO of the Telecom Division at MER Group. “This growth revolves around the increase in data consumption and the ubiquity of the mobile device. Consumers are deriving more value from features, functionality and applications. This drives higher traction in vertical markets such as mobile payments, healthcare which, in turn, gives rise to Smart Cities. Consequently, we have designed our portfolio to support MNOs in securing a leading position in the digital economy ecosystem,

The Mobile FinaGate is a secure, end-to-end financial services solution. It provides banks, mobile operators and other financial institutions with a full MFS solution together with secure budget management with full transparency, dedicated money for the correct dispersal of funds and enables the rapid implementation of new products and services.

m-Power is a powerful end-to-end solution that enables leading MVNOs, MNOs and SIs to simplify and streamline their operations in competitive markets, seamlessly adapting to their changing marketing and sales strategies. m-Power enables MNOs to capitalize on the untapped wholesale opportunity. It supports SIs in leveraging their assets to realize new revenues and offers solution and business model flexibility while providing short time to revenue.
MER Group Telecom Division provides a unique solution for the NFC eco-system. This solution is based on strong partnerships with market leaders for Point of Sale (POS), mobile marketing platform providers, Trusted Service Managers (TSM) and Secure Element (SE) manufacturers. The offering includes an off-the-shelf UICC-based wallet applet, middleware for Android and iOS and a white label wallet application.

CrossTalk is a robust M2M solution based on MER’s award winning enablement platform. CrossTalk enables MNOs to deliver a comprehensive turnkey solution to a range of market verticals and applications such as agriculture, security, water & energy, asset tracking, asset management, mobile parking management, toll roads and more. It enables businesses to discover new market opportunities and realize revenue streams and supports customers in addressing growing compliance and sustainability requirements.

The division has expanded its portfolio with a field-proven, next generation solution for public transit operators. The solution, comprising of smart devices and complementary software, is a comprehensive end-to-end system for the management and control of ticketing as well as on-board solutions such as Wi-Fi connectivity. The solution can be delivered as a full turnkey integration project that includes hardware and software components, installation, implementation, maintenance and support services.

The new portfolio, together with Telecom Division’s existing, field-proven infrastructure and fiber solutions combined with the group’s security and cleantech solutions, provide national and local governments with comprehensive, robust and interconnected solutions designed to optimize urban systems for future growth in a new economic environment and ultimately assist them in their quest to become a smart and sustainable city.