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Merimon Water

merimonObtaining clean water and eliminating wastewater are global concerns that impact the daily lives of all human populations. Global warming creates water shortages around the world, while pollution puts existing resources at risk.

Merimon has developed a range of advanced, dependable solutions to address all water-related needs, including:

  • Ground water production and well rehabilitation
  • Water treatment for potable water and other applications
  • Water reclamation for repeated usage of water resources
  • Water delivery and distribution infrastructure
  • Wastewater treatment plants at any scale
  • Industrial and agricultural effluent reuse systems
  • Desalination and brackish water treatment

Merimon Water Solutions was created in 2011 as a joint-venture of the Mer Group with Rimon Ltd. that leverages the strengths of each company in bringing state-of-the-art engineering and technology to large-scale water and wastewater treatment projects around the world.

The joint-venture brings the experience and engineering expertise in large-scale projects acquired by Rimon Ltd. to every corner of the globe, thanks to the Mer Group’s global footprint and proven global operations capabilities. The company has already implemented state-of-the-art projects in the US, Rwanda, and Angola.

The joint company offers municipalities, local authorities and industrial customers the latest in the world-famous Israeli water technologies customized for their own needs and requirements. Each end-to-end solution includes design, permitting and planning, civil engineering, construction, implementation, integration and ongoing service and maintenance. All Merimon solutions seek a synergy with the environment, maximizing efficiency and minimizing pollution and energy waste.

Merimon also holds 50% of specialist system integrator Relix.