logo-ortO.R.T. Tech is an expert in SIM and smart cards solutions, designing and implementing custom applications since 1995. The company specializes in software development for smart and SIM card-based systems in transportation, mobile communication, security, and other markets.

O.R.T. Tech takes a holistic approach to software development.
Our team of experienced consultants work with each customers to study the specific business needs and plan innovative solutions for value added services and cost-saving applications.

The company was founded on the insight that smart cards open new possibilities for the way companies interact with their customers.
The ability to securely store individual information on a personal card or mobile phone present unprecedented benefits for both businesses and consumers.

As a specialist software house, O.R.T. Tech constantly develops new capabilities to respond to the needs of emerging markets.
It has pioneered the adaptation of numerous new standards, including Calypso, EMV, and recently, NFC.

One of O.R.T. Tech strongest areas is public transportation, having developed the S*BUS platform, which allows public transportation operators to centrally manage both their Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) and Automatic Vehicle Location Systems (AVLS).
O.R.T. Tech has also developed a range of ready-made telecom solutions that allow mobile network operators to offer customers innovative value-added services, while cutting down on operational costs.

‘Smart Solutions’ are comprised of three components – cards, readers, and a back office system.
O.R.T. Tech has extensive expertise in all hardware and software systems involved in each component, and proven experience in integrating them into exceptional solutions.

O.R.T. Tech has partnered with leading international hardware providers Giesecke & Devrient to offer its customers end-to-end solutions, from initial analysis through design, development, and integration on to final deployment.