Merimon Gas

merimongasNatural gas is a clean, environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels and coal, currently providing 22% of the world’s energy consumption. Since it is the cleanest burning conventional fuel and many reservoirs remain untapped, natural gas is emerging as the preferred fuel in many countries around the world for power generation, heating, and industrial applications.

Merimon Gas is a joint venture of the Mer Group with Rimon Ltd. that brings together the Mer Group’s global operations and logistics excellence with Rimon Ltd.’s domain expertise. The joint company specializes in constructing natural gas delivery and distribution infrastructure as well as turnkey solutions for cogeneration and heating/ steam for industrial applications.

Merimon Gas provides end-to-end solutions for delivering gas under high pressure from plants to industrial and residential users. Our turnkey approach covers all aspects of the solution, from planning and design to permitting, laying pipes, delivering gas to end-users, integration and ongoing services. A strong emphasis on safety and security ensures a reliable and safe service with the smallest possible environmental impact.