mer-energeyRenewable energy sources such as wind and solar power present the greatest promise for a green power generation that can be renewed indefinitely without polluting the environment. To avert the dangers of global warming and reduce pollution, countries around the world are increasingly turning to these clean and safe energy sources.

Established in 2009, Mer Renewable Energies has been recognized as a market leader in solar energy. The company’s holistic approach strives for excellence in all aspects of renewable energy projects, from planning and design to civil engineering and the use of the most advanced and dependable technologies for optimizing the project’s return on investment (ROI).

Mer Renewable Energies provides a range of wind and solar power solutions, including:

  • Turnkey solutions for installing solar rooftops and ground installations, including trackers for optimized power generation.
  • Turnkey solutions for installing large wind energy projects, including provision of towers and monopoles.
  • Off-grid systems and mobile generators for various applications.

The company’s proven experience encompasses industrial and medium solar plants, from 15Kw to 10 Mw, as well as fully-independent off-grid solutions for military, homeland security and communications applications.