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MER Group deploys a 700km optical fiber communications network in Zambia, Africa

The project, valued at approximately 25 million NIS, will provide fast broadband internet service for 15 million residents in Zambia

Holon, December 2016: MER Group, a supplier of communications, security, intelligence and cyber solutions, announces that it is currently completing the process of laying a communications network based on 700km of optic fibers in Zambia, Africa for a leading internet provider in Africa that currently serves 16,000 homes and offices in Lusaka, the country’s capital.

Work on this project, which will serve some 20,000 subscribers, began in January 2015 and is currently being completed. The project, which is valued approximately 25 million NIS, was carried out in two stages over the last two years.

The network will link Lusaka with Livingstone, a city located in southern Zambia, with the Democratic Republic of Congo in the north and with Tanzania in the east. The goal is to build a broadband communications infrastructure using ADSS optical fibers in order to be FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) ready – a project which will provide Zambia’s residents with a broadband link to the capital and commercial center of their country, and to nearby countries including Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana.

As part of this project, MER Group designed the optical fiber network, laid out the optical cable including poles and accessories, deployed the optical fiber network along the route, and conducted quality assessments. The main route was designed and build overhead, the optical fibers placed on over 7000 wooden poles positioned along the way, in order to prevent damage. The network provides IP/MPLS over DWDM for the internet provider’s customers along this route. In addition, MER Group will supply maintenance services for the communications network via MER employees in Zambia.

Nir Lampert, CEO of MER Group: “This important project was designed to connect millions of people residing in southern Africa to the internet via a leading communications supplier in the region. We are proud of the role that we played in implementing this complex logistical project along main roads and through rivers and swamps, while taking advantage of the group’s knowledge and expertise in optical fiber networks. This is part of a series of projects on a similar scale that we will implement in different locations around the world.”

About MER Group

MER Group (TASE: C.MER) is a global Israeli-based company involved in the development, manufacturing, marketing, and installation of technologically-based solutions for the telecom, security, intelligence, cyber, big data, smart city, and emergency services industries. Via its subsidiaries, the company plans and installs broadband infrastructure for clients around the world, provides engineering, planning, and construction services for renewable energy projects, and invests in Israeli natural gas pipeline projects. The company’s clients include government, municipal, and security institutions, commercial companies, banks, and communications operators. The company owns industrial plants manufacturing telecommunications towers, as well as software and electronics development centers. MER Group employs some 1,200 people and has dozens of subsidiaries. The group is active predominantly in Latin America, Africa, and Israel.

The group is managed by Nir Lampert and is controlled by C. MER, FIMI fund and Yitzhak Ben-Bassat and is traded on the Tel-Aviv stock exchange since 1992.

The Company’s executive offices are located in Holon.


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