Corporate Social Responsibility

We at MER Group consider social activities and our contact with the community as another aspect to the concept of social responsibility in managing the Company’s business. The Group’s values guide the Company in its business and in its activities for the community.

Environment, Health and Safety

The Company is dedicated to excellence in work safety and hygiene, and achieves this by creating a safe and protected work environment for its employees, customers and guests. The Company maintains high level of environmental awareness, and manages its environmental policy in accordance with international standards. The Company complies with the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards of the International Organization for Standardization.

ISO 9001 is an international standard which includes a system of procedures and work instructions for ensuring an efficient quality management system in the organization.

ISO 14001 is an international standard which includes a system of organizational procedures and work instructions for protecting the environment.

From the Company’s Environmental Protection Policy:

The Company believes that environmental protection, safety and hygiene management contribute and provide added value to Company customers and to the community. Therefore, the Company is dedicated to continuous improvement, and does its best to significantly reduce consumption of environmental resources, waste and all other environmental aspects.

The Company works to prevent environmental pollution and reduce safety and hygiene risks.

Company employees are required to take all necessary action in order to comply with the Company’s policies and procedures and with regulatory requirements, in order to assist in achieving defined and measureable goals and objectives, prevent pollution and reduce risks and costs for the community.

A standard through which the Company is obligated to ensure employee safety by taking necessary action to ensure safety levels and employee health.

The Company regularly performs preliminary surveys to define risk levels. The Company defines safety procedures and conducts preliminary tests through certifying bodies.

Ethical Code

The Company is dedicated to managing its business fairly and with integrity, while ensuring ethical conduct. We believe that constant, uncompromising ethical behavior is the key to the company’s long-term survival and success.

The Company believes in an honest business culture, as part of the daily work of the Company and its employees. The rules set in the ethical code establish standards intended to clarify and base our organizational culture and values guiding the Company.

The code is intended to assist us in strengthening the bond between the Company and its employees by establishing relations of trust, reliability and integrity between the Company and its shareholders, customers, business partners, subcontractors and all factors it works with.

Community Involvement

The Company considers communal activities to be an integral part of its regular operation. The community involvement program includes employee volunteer work, food donations and assimilating special populations at work.
The Company established a special relationship with the Etgarim (Challenges) Association, the main purpose of which is to assist children, youth and adults with physical, sensory and mental disabilities in improving their self-confidence and realizing their potential through outdoor extreme sport activities.

Traditionally, the Company participates every year in the exciting major cycling event organized by Etgarim throughout Israel – Wheels of Hope.

The Group also assists social organizations and associations dealing with employment and integration of special populations, both as regular employees in current employment, and through occupational therapy, through the Shavim (Equals) Association in Holon. The association forms an alternative occupational framework for people with mental disorders.

In additional, regular assistance activities are held with the Latet (Give) Association on Rosh Hashana, Hanuka and Passover. Dozens of employees volunteer to distribute food to holocaust survivors and to families receiving support from Latet Association’s special program